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Pappa's Pizza Ovens for your all round cooking enjoyment.
Your favourite bread, lasagne or even a succulent crispy roast can be cooked to perfection.

Pappa’s Pizza Ovens have for over 25 years been successfully manufacturing and selling our conventional wood burning ovens, which today can be found in most parts of the world. We have now perfected this easy to use gas pizza oven which can be enjoyed in, or outdoors for all your roasting, baking, grilling, "you name it", fun, yet professional cooking demands.

This easy to use, easy to install oven, is relatively light and extremely quick to heat, as it utilises a high pressure gas system which allows you to be in perfect control, for even the most sophisticated cooking which you may desire


  • The gas burner is manufactured to stringent specifications from a high quality stainless steel to ensure long life and durability.
  • A fire lightning rod is supplied with the oven for easy ignition and safety.
  • A high pressure gas regulator is supplied with the oven.
  • Can be used with either 9kg, 19kg or 48kg gas cylinders.
    Gas cylinder not supplied.

The 900CG AND 900HG are both supplied with the following items as standard:

  • Stainless steel paddle
  • High pressure regulator
  • Lighting rod
  • Stainless steel high pressure gas burner with swivel action
  • Dual purpose hinged door / work tray

  • Powder coated trollie optional extra

Note: Gas cylinder not supplied


  • Stainless Steel Breakfast Pan (bacon, eggs, steak, tomatoes etc.)
  • Stainless Steel Open Fire Grill (steak, fish, kebabs)
  • Powder coated trollie

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Patent No. 99-2276 Design No. 990276

YES, it’s true, the long awaited gas operated oven is now finally available:

After many years of painstaking research, we are proud to announce that this magic new gas operated general purpose oven is finally available. You can now enjoy many hours of outdoor or indoor cooking, letting your imagination be your limit.

This wonder oven is based on the traditional Italian style pizza oven, but with many more features and advantages over its wood burning counterpart; yet still retaining all the authenticity of the original style oven.


  • Quick heating (10 to 15 min.)
  • Instant temperature control
  • No mess (eliminates piles of wood)
  • Easy operation and control (large front opening)
  • Retains all the authenticity of a wood burning oven
  • Economical - more fuel efficient than wood burning ovens
  • Healthy, natural cooking method (does not dry food)
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Does not require expensive chimney systems


One of the major advantages of cooking with a Pappa’s Pizza Oven is that while cooking, moist outside air is continuously being drawn into the oven. This ensures that your food is not drying out, as is the case with a microwave or convection oven. This results in juicy, succulent dishes, whether they be pizza’s, roasts, breads or casseroles.

It is also very easy to prepare a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as most vegetables can be cooked without losing their natural nutritional value.

The extremely high temperatures generated by the oven greatly reduces cooking time, which further results in more succulent and healthy meals.

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